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for EFT

Excellence in training mental health clinicians and in providing client care in Emotionally Focused Therapy
Stage 2 Change Events: Getting Clearer, Going Deeper 

Presented by: Kathryn Rheem, Ed.D., and Marlene Best, Ph.D.

Date: June 16 - 17, 2017

Times: Friday:10am - 6pm, Saturday:9am - 5pm

Location: WBCEFT in Falls Church, VA

Tuition: $450

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Explore the stage 2 change events (Withdrawer Reengagement & Pursuer Softening) including the essential skills needed to help your couples re-structure their bonds. Through teaching, videos, and exercises, we will help you learn how to heighten each partners’ emotions, when to incorporate “parts” work including View of Self and View of Other, and how to help each partner complete the risk, reach, and respond that is vital to successfully shifting their interactional pattern. Since completing both change events can be a challenge, self-of-the-therapist issues will also be explored.

Completion of Externship in EFT a pre-requisite.

A Brief Outline of Training:

Day 1: Withdrawer Reengagement led by Kathryn Rheem

1.     Introduction & Brief Overview of EFT
  a.  Special emphasis on Step 3 & the transition from Stage 1 to

          Stage 2
  b.  Hallmarks of de-escalation
  c.  Facilitating Step 3 becoming experiential
  d.  Enactments in Stage 1 vs. Enactments in Stage 2
  e.  Overview of Change Events 
2.     Define Withdrawer Reengagement
3.     Process of Withdrawer Reengagement in relationship with Steps

        5, 6, & 7
4.     Depth of Emotional Experiencing
  a.  Characteristics of Experiencing Scale
  b.  Facial Expressions
  c.  Limbic Revision/Corrective Emotional Experience
5.     Video of Withdrawer Reengagment

Day 2: Pursuer Softening led by Marlene Best

1.     Review of Day 1
2.     Moving from Withdrawer Reengagement to Pursuer Softening
3.     Challenges with Pursuers vs Withdrawers
  a.  Differences in emotional processing
  b.  Balancing heightening and containment
4.     Review of Mini-theory of Pursuer Softening
5.     Key Processing Skills
  a.  Working in the here and now
  b.  Advanced use of RISSSC
6.     Working with Parts
  a.  Holding longing and fear together
  b.  View of Self/View of Other
  c.  Working with shame and grief
7.     Obstacles and Impasses
  a.  Attachment injuries
  b.  Trauma
8.     Self-of-Therapist specifically related to Stage 2 change events
9.     Consolidation/Wrap up